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Passion & Success

Lately I've been hanging out with Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Oprah, Brene Brown and many other successful individuals. Books, videos, webinars, downloads and seminars. Anything I can get my hands on. I like to surround myself with success and stories of passionate individuals who have realized their visions and continue to live into unbridled success. [...]

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Coaching Life

Coaching Life Life Coach I was recently asked to describe "Coaching Life". In other words... what it is like to be a full time life coach. This isn't a formula, it's just what I've created. I notice there's a lot of hype and claims of earning six/seven figures and four hour work [...]

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"People who criticize you will give you your best work..." Byron Katie. When I am not loving myself, criticizing me, judging me, hating me and waging war on self for all of the ways I don't measure up I react to other people's words as though it is the truth. Yet, they are only echoing [...]

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Growing Up In A Family Business

Playing With Pinks When I was 13 I counted and filed "pinks". Let me explain... back in the day we used a paper invoice that came in three parts. White to the client, yellow to the file and pink to ME! Are you kidding me!? A kid doesn't want to be responsible for a mound [...]

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To see yourself as others see you is a gift.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Kenneth Blanchard What if I asked you, "are you open to feedback?" Consider your true blue answer to that question. Are you really open to feedback? Are you a thirst for feedback? Are you of the opinion that to see yourself how others see you is a gift? [Tweet "To [...]

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Life Is Precious & Urgent… Rock The Planet

Life is most certainly urgent and precious, we get that fundamentally. It sounds good to say it and to believe that we are living life as though it is precious and urgent on a daily basis. Bullshit... you're not. Neither am I. It just sounds good. In 1999 I lived that phrase and for a [...]

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Coaching Trends – Coaching Supervision Certification

Since my early days of coaching I've had a coach to get me out of my own way, continuously train me, provide additional perspective and ways to approach a coaching situation. It only makes sense right? If I'm supporting you to leverage your strengths, why wouldn't I have a coach to leverage mine? If I [...]

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5 Things Every Coach Needs To Remember

1.  Clients will fire you when you're doing a great job. Humans resist change. When you're doing your job well, your clients will be clear that their days of playing it small are numbered. It will not feel comfortable for them and humans crave comfort. As you reflect their greatness and consistently and lovingly hold [...]

Is the “Squirrel Factor” derailing your meetings?

THE SQUIRREL FACTOR DEFINED Think of a squirrel and its erratic, herky jerky actions, then think of a meeting where its participants introduce topics that are somewhat relevant  to the meeting but that are clearly not on topic (aka "thoughts from left field") nor are they relevant in achieving the meeting's intended results. Next thing [...]

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How To Use Perspective, Context & Self Awareness To Shift Behaviour

There is a lot of information out there on leadership topics, one could get overwhelmed! I personally have a Summer Reading List on the go that looks like it might last longer than our Summer. More information is amazing and necessary in order for us to grow but lately I've been fielding the same question [...]

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