Target Audience

This program has been designed for those individuals who want to develop a coaching

style of leadership including business owners, supervisors, managers, change practitioners

and human resources professionals. Participants will learn how to create a more engaging,

collaborative, inclusive way of leading and interacting. Our easy to learn coaching model can be quickly

put into play resulting in improved decision-making, greater independence,

initiative and contribute to a more collaborative work place.

The Program

A highly interactive, experiential program that teaches the skills and also

provides experiential, real time practice delivered using the “coach approach” model.

Next Program Location:  Vancouver, BC

Next Program Dates:  January 24 & 25, 2018

Training includes:  

Preparation work;

The introduction of useful coaching tools, handouts and reference material;

A takeaway Playbook for future reference;

An onsite two-day intensive;

Three two hour follow-up group coaching sessions.

The Content

Two days- core program

What is a “coaching approach” and what is the value to me as a leader

The WHAT: skills (listening, powerful questions, the GROW model, the skill of acknowledgement)

The WHO: the philosophy of showing up as a leader who would default to this style – the mindset and the principles

When might you use this approach and when might you choose another tool

Action plan on integration back in the workplace

Learning Objectives

By the completion of this program, participants will:


Recognize the principles behind coaching, and how coaching differs from other types of developmental and management approaches

Distinguish between when to coach and when not to coach

Integrate coaching skills into their professional conversations

Increase their self awareness and ability to self reflect

Understand and apply coaching tools


Additional practice and feedback in group

Debriefing and coaching on what is coming up for the group as they use their new skills and way of being back in the work world

Review, gauge and measure progress and implementation

Obtain feedback in a safe, collaborative environment

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Program Facilitators

Our two facilitators are passionate about coaching, understand the business and

together make a dynamic duo. For more details on their unique Coaching backgrounds,

visit Read About Our Coaches. In addition to bringing a broad spectrum of experience to

the program you can expect there to be a lot of laughter as you learn and develop your

leadership using a “coach approach”.

Lily Seto, PCC

Lily Seto, PCC

Tracey Burns, PCC