For the fearless, adventurous, undaunted,

unflinching, bold, daring, audacious and spirited.


Ready to transform

your life?

What’s next for you
in leadership?

Raise your self-awareness, learn new communication

and relationship strategies, and, ultimately,

transform how you think about yourself and others.

Seeking expansion

If you’re a coach seeking personal or professional

development or interested in leveraging the collective brilliance

of our powerful coaching community, you’ve come to the right place.

The Bomb Proof Executive:

A unique corporate coaching and training program for leaders committed to creating extraordinary results.

In a world where change and transition are the new normal, global uncertainty calls for leaner, healthier, more agile organizations. You know that at the heart of every successful organization is a resilient, aware leader, and you’re willing to do the work from the inside out. To be the change.
A leader causing leaders.


Advanced Coaching and Coach SuperVision:

Exclusive programs for coaches with a powerful commitment to their own business development and personal transformation.

You are profoundly aware that the business of coaching is as unique as you. You know that your own results and ongoing growth are proportional to your clients’ results. You are ready to launch. To take bold action. To leverage the power of your coaching peers and generate exponential results.


Bold. Intuitive.
Transformational game changer.

Creator of The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Intensive. Tracey Burns is a fully qualified Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. She has been transforming lives since 2003.

The latest from Tracey’s blog.

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