I’m Tracey Burns, MCC

Ontological Coach & Consultant to adorable weirdos, fringe dwellers, dare to be differents, outliers, rebels, innovators and creators of wild and brilliant ideas… Extraordinary people up to cool things in life.
I was born to cause peace, one conversation at a time.


Who were you born to be?

Individual Coaching

Increase self-awareness, communicate with clarity, evoke possibility based conversations, restore harmony to your relationships, personal and corporate.  Cause your life to be extraordinary and add velocity to your goals and aspirations. These are a few of the potential outcomes you can expect from the extraordinary experience of ontological coaching.

Team Coaching

Engage in the powerful process  of team coaching, exploring the subsurface dynamics of individual team member personalities, sub-groups and how these interrelated factors affect team performance. Together we’ll identify and resolve conflict, recognize power dynamics,  build team cohesion and promote team autonomy and sustainability.  Adapt, innovate and align.


 The bonds we form are vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing and survival. Access new ways of relating, deepen intimacy with self and others as access to peace and fulfillment.


 Expanding your speaking and listening gives you access to possibility, challenges your assumptions and unveils the real message that your words and actions both express and conceal.

Mind, Body & Spirit

When your mind, body and spirit are in harmony and balance this manifests in a feeling of wholeness, completeness and an overall state of optimum well-being. An explicitly holistic approach.

Family Business

Thrive in the face of the unique dynamics encountered in family operated businesses triggered by succession planning, intergenerational conflict, rapid growth, and the impact of death and divorce.  


Specifically ontological coaching…

Focuses on your way of being. Your way of being informs your view or perception of the world around you. This view or perception then informs your actions and reactions. Once you become aware of how you are being, you have access to expand who you be to produce the results you desire for your life and open up new possibilities. This kind of coaching produces deep, sustainable change. 



Your unique needs…

A consultation is conducted using an ontological approach and is a powerful choice should you need to talk something out, to access perspective and gain clarity with the support of a powerfully trained neutral third party.  Perhaps you are unsure which session format will best serve you, your business or team. So. Many. Choices. Partner with me to identify the best fit for your specific needs.


Online Programs

Accessible. Affordable. Self Paced.

The Bomb Proof Executive

In a world where change and transition are the new normal, global uncertainty calls for leaner, healthier, more agile organizations. At the heart of every successful business or organization is a resilient, aware leader. When you’re ready to do the work from the inside out, buckle up, this program is for you.

More Details

Build extraordinary communication skills that will support you to skillfully navigate conflict and motivate yourself and others. Develop your authentic style of leadership and learn how to convey trust and build rapport. Understand triggers and emotions. Change your leadership, change your life.

♥  7 easy to follow modules

♥  Self Paced

♥  Listen, Watch, Read

♥  Challenge practices to implement what you’re learning

♥  Workbook included

♥  Macro certificate upon completion


Creative Conflict

Building on the foundational ontological approaches introduced in the Bomb Proof Executive, this program challenges you to harness the power of conflict to stimulate innovation and creativity. Suitable for any leader or business owner committed to causing unprecedented results.

More Details

When we are willing to shift our thinking around conflict we open up powerful opportunities to leverage the creative forces of conflict. Insights, inventions and innovations emerge from the energy created when there is a push, a need or a desire for something to be different – a tension between what is and what could be. 

♥  Pre Requisite: The Bomb Proof Executive

♥  7 easy to follow modules

♥  Self Paced

♥  Listen, Watch, Read

♥  Challenge practices to implement what you’re learning

♥  Workbook included

♥  Macro certificate upon completion


Leader As Coach

A deeper dive into the ontological approach to leadership.  Learn foundational deep listening skills and add them to your leadership toolkit.  Learn the basic steps to engage in informal “on the fly” coaching. Adopt a coach approach to cause the extraordinary.  Engage in a unique and powerful way.
More Details

Thinking of setting up informal coaching inside your business or organization? Learn the foundational basics and some of the essential structural components to get the most from your program. A simple but effective introduction to informal coaching. 

♥  7 easy to follow modules

♥  Self Paced

♥  Listen, Watch, Read

♥  Challenge practices to implement what you’re learning

♥  Workbook included

♥  Macro certificate upon completion


About Me

My clients describe me as a “Doctor for the Soul” which touches my heart deeply.  It’s an incredible compliment and in four powerful words, speaks to all of the things I aspire to be as a human and a coach.

Having been on my own healing journey for over 25 years, I’m a cheeky smash up of spirituality meets science and business.  I am audacious, playful, intuitive and full of love.

Dr. Gabor Mate says, “The possibility of renewal exists so long as life exists. How to support that possibility in others and in ourselves is the ultimate question.”

I couldn’t agree with him more and my answer to his ultimate “how” question is, “ontological coaching”.


Client Success Stories

Lauren Wilkins, Luftgekühlt

When I first reached out to Tracey, I was feeling personally unhappy and professionally stuck. I was lacking ownership and convinced I had no control in my own happiness or future. What a gift it has been for me to meet her and work with her, her impact on my personal and professional wellbeing has been profound.

Zoe Paliare, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Working with Tracey has been entirely transformational for me and my life. When we began working together about two years ago, I owned two businesses and was in the early stages of building my coaching practice, Zoe Paliare Coaching aware that there was more out there for me but unsure how to create a structure that would allow more into my life. Now, my practice supports entrepreneurs and leaders, my ideal clients, and I have also taken on the role of my dreams at a major law firm and launched a podcast, The Field. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe this was all possible, but Tracey always did. Her support and encouragement allowed me to tap into parts of myself that were ready to leap and soar. She asks exactly the questions you need to hear at the perfect moment, almost as if she is tapped in to the parts of my subconscious that I need but can’t initially access. I have and will continue to recommend Tracey to others – the best way to describe her is pure magic.

Ross Borland, Vessel Liquor Store

I’ve never worked with a coach before and admit to having to put my biases on hold, but the experience has had a substantial impact on my development as a leader in our organization. Through my work with Tracey, she has helped me realize my strengths, unique abilities and how to be aware of my reactions in specific situations.

Ian Johnson, Oak Bay Capital

Just a few months into working with Tracey I’d already achieved my half-year goals—granted, I’d set realistic goals so as to get off to a good start, but I now have to redefine my understanding of what’s “realistic.” Tracey has illuminated the path to a sophisticated, intelligent, well-balanced way of being. She has inspired me to build a business worth playing for.

Nora Delay, Deloitte Consulting

Tracey is both passionate for coaching, and compassionate with her clients. She deeply cares about what her clients need, allowing them to set the goals, timeline, and weekly agenda, showing up to each session with strength and empathy. When I first interviewed Tracey, I knew right away that I felt “hell yes” about working with her, and the curiosity and enthusiasm she brought to each session was both consistent and contagious. I came to her with professional goals in mind, but learned that how I showed up was holding me back in other areas. Tracey has a variety of tools and exercises that helped me to get clear on my vision, articulate my strengths, and challenge my blocks. I highly recommend hiring Tracey to anyone who needs clarity around what they want or how to create the path there.

Kellie Garrett, PCC, ICD.D

I met the charismatic and fiercely intelligent Tracey Burns in the U.S. at a global leadership International Coach Federation conference. We bonded instantly, and I hired her as my coach in 2017. I am a tough client: quick, smart, stoic, experienced, and also a coach. My ostensible coaching goal was to dramatically increase my business revenue. She cracked me wide open and I am astonished. Not at her wisdom. Not at her intuition. I expected both. I am astonished that she helped me uncover longstanding barriers to reaching my desire to live a life of elevated consciousness, which is the key to – you guessed it – increased business revenue. I am already at 65% of my usual annual revenue target at the beginning of March. More importantly, I am at 1000% of my desired state of being. If you want transformational change, choose Tracey. If you want comfortableness, don’t. I highly recommend her.

Fannie Watkinson, Businesswoman

Tracey sees possibility and magic everywhere and shows up with that perfect balance of feisty challenger and unconditionally loving support. She has a remarkable (well-practiced) ability to see through bullshit and powerfully stand for me and others she works with to operate instead from our greatness. I’ve worked with Tracey for over a year now and the transformation is immense and barely fathomable to me (I know she saw the possibility all along). With her consistent support, I have stepped out of my comfort zone over and over and over. I started coaching for the first time and within a year I quit my full time job, and now am on a trajectory to a sustainable full time coaching practice. I have grown leaps and bounds in my relationship with myself and in nurturing the creation of a romantic relationship I want to be in. I barely believe this powerful, bold version of me because a year ago I was not willing or able to say out loud anything that I wanted. Through our work together, she has supported me to fall in love with all the quirky, vulnerable, tender, unstoppable, powerful parts of me more fully and deeply than I knew possible. There’s no one I would rather have in my court and partnering with me to create this fully expressed, magical life I get to live.

Join our community of extraordinary humans. You belong here.