“People who criticize you will give you your best work…” Byron Katie.

When I am not loving myself, criticizing me, judging me, hating me and waging war on self for all of the ways I don’t measure up I react to other people’s words as though it is the truth. Yet, they are only echoing my own projections. The bounce back is so painful I want to plug my ears and curl up on the floor.

Blaming other people for their ugly words is easier than being with the ugly thoughts I use on self. In the exchange, the distraction temporarily stops me from doing my own work. And yet… I am committed to doing my own work, committed to self reflection and increasing my self awareness even if it is painful.

With the pain comes the opportunity for growth and in the midst of the tears I get reconnected to the beautiful soul that I am and the gaps that invite me to continue to grow, learn and expand who I be in the world.