1.  Clients will fire you when you’re doing a great job.

Humans resist change. When you’re doing your job well, your clients will be clear that their days of playing it small are numbered. It will not feel comfortable for them and humans crave comfort. As you reflect their greatness and consistently and lovingly hold them to the very reason they hired you in the first place, they will fire you. Don’t dare indulge your own insecurities, they have no business here. Your job is to gently bring em back.

2.  Clients will hire you to achieve an extraordinary goal and then spend their calls convincing you they don’t really want it.

Relate to this and them as normal, they are just scared, it’s your job to love em through their fear while holding the goal firmly in front of them.

3.  Clients will hire you to prove to you and themselves that they are stuck, broken and beyond repair.

Remind them that the only things that get stuck, broken and beyond repair are printers and other material goods. This is their inside voice on outside, we’ve all got one. Reflect their greatness, relate to them as whole, complete and perfect.

4.  Clients will hire you because of your gifts, your reputation for producing results and your positive, winning attitude and then spend their calls arguing and proving that you and your bloody coaching does not work.

This is not about you, don’t make it personal. Do not step in the ring. Your job is to be in the bleachers of their life. Your job is to observe, reflect what you see, stay off the court. If you’re lucky, this will show up on the first call, if you haven’t got the stomach to ride this wave – fire yourself, lovingly let them go. Your ego has no place in this ring.  Should you stay, you must enter the ring squeaky clean, clear and with a heart full of love, EVERY TIME. Gently explore the impact of this behaviour with them, reassure them you’ve got their back. When the beast roars you’ll provide safety, a soft place to land. You’re job is to be rock solid.  This is their beast, not yours.  They are had by this beast every day, their goals, hopes, dreams and desires held captive. Don’t dare fall in the ring and when you do. Own it and get out.

4.  Clients will commit, clearly stating their goals and objectives. They will read and sign your contracts, agreeing to abide by your terms and conditions, policies and procedures and then disappear.  

Furthermore they will acknowledge that they get that coaching is no cake walk, that they are willing to do the work and acknowledge that the policies and procedures are actually structures that if empowered will actually support them to achieve exactly what they came for. You will coach them, holding them to their commitment and then… after several calls they will disappear, never to be heard from again.  This is not about you, you’ll want to make it about you – it’s not. This is what it looks like when people make a commitment bigger than they ever have before. Whether it be to a marriage, an exercise regime, a diet, whatever, they are only doing what they do. This is why they hired you.  Stay in loving communication, don’t give up on them. They have given up on themselves and they expect you to join them. That’s not your job.

I’m a stand that every coach have access to a coach and/or supervisory group to use as a confidential resource. Coaching humans to achieve their goals and/or objectives is rewarding and sometimes challenging work.

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