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For organizations and businesses to succeed in a world of constant change, they need leaders who are resilient during times of high stress and capable of leading others through transition to create an environment where employees are cultivated and encouraged to thrive.

“Today’s leaders need to convey trust and build rapport through extraordinary communication skills. To skillfully navigate conflict and motivate themselves and others. To show up powerfully and authentically. To be leaders causing leaders.”


The Bomb Proof Executive

Tracey Burns developed this highly versatile, one-of-a-kind intensive for high potential individuals, executives, leaders, and managers within any industry and sector, whether public or private. Using a unique and intentional combination of ontological coaching, facilitation, and training, Tracey delivers real-time results that have been proven equally successful when delivered to groups, teams, or individuals. 


Now… after over 9 years of successful in person delivery, we are excited to offer you this transformative program ONLINE.

Who It’s For

♥  7 easy to follow modules

♥  Each module builds on the next

♥  Go at your own pace


Learn How To

♥  Access and hone your intuition

♥  Understand and leverage emotions

♥  Gain insight into non verbal communication

♥  Navigate difficult conversations with ease

♥  Expand your perspective

♥  Transform your speaking and listening

♥  Lead with empathy

♥  Transform your listening

♥  Explore triggers, judgment and bias








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