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Having Relationship Trouble?
(Or Is Someone You Know?)

We all want fulfilling relationships. To love and be loved is one of our fundamental needs.  When our primary relationship is out of sync it can effect just about every area of our life and even impact other relationships.

Perhaps You’ve Tried Counselling…

Maybe you think your relationship is too far gone. I respect the work of therapists and am clear the amazing work they do is not the same as coaching. I’m not a therapist. But before you throw in the towel, I’d like you to give it another shot from a different angle. A success story just may be possible for you too. 

I’ve Been There…

When my kids were 8 and 10 I was involved in a divorce and custody battle so heart wrenching it was difficult to watch. It was bad. Talking about it still brings me to tears.

My Golden Lessons, Let’s Discover Yours

That experience brought me to my knees but it also brought with it, a lot of gold. I actually found coaching as a career during that turbulent time. I learned to communicate in a healthy way. I learned how I was still engaging with my ex in old patterns. I learned how I was contributing to the drama. (Ouch). I learned to forgive and to partner. I learned to truly honour and respect my children’s other parent. Most of all, I learned a whole new way of communicating that benefited me way beyond my romantic relationships. The drama stopped. I enjoyed life again. And in fact, my new way of relating changed my perception of a lot of things and I found more joy and happiness than I’d ever known before.

Together let’s discover your gold, read what my other client’s discovered.

My Clients’ Stories…

Some of my greatest coaching memories have been created while coaching couples and/or individuals in relationship. I’ve had the honour of coaching a couple to reconcile after an affair. I’ve coached a couple that were ready to file for divorce and then stood as witness to them renewing their wedding vows. I’ve also coached a divorcing couple who couldn’t stand to be in the same room together, to completely reinvent their relationship after divorce and create an amazingly loving co parenting relationship so that their boys could thrive.

Don’t suffer a minute longer alone, contact me today to set up your first session.[/fusion_text]