I was at a business meeting the other day when one of the members entered the meeting quite late. As she quietly slid into her chair I couldn’t help but notice her expression. After several minutes our organizer said, “what’s up with the energy today guys?” and each one of us shared what was up. After several of us had shared, the young lady spoke up and shared that she was sorry, she thought she was responsible for bringing the energy of the meeting down, she confessed she was overwhelmed and stressed. In that instant I wanted to hug her, she didn’t look much older than my daughter. Luckily for her she was a couple of chairs away. ūüėČ

Our astute organizer asked the rest of the group what we had for the overwhelmed and stressed member of our group and she received tons of great support:

1.  Go for a walk, exercise;

2.  Breathe deeply several times;

3. ¬†Gratitude – think of all the things you’re grateful for in your life;

4.  Embrace your thoughts and feelings Рbe exactly as you are.

And then a thought struck me and I asked the group, “have you ever acknowledged someone for who they are in life?” No one had. ¬†We thank people often for passing things to us, dropping our kids off at school, picking up the tab at lunch but often we overlook the acknowledgment and/or recognition of the behaviour that has them do all those wonderful things for us. We don’t often thank them or acknowledge them for their compassion, brilliance, serenity and gentle spirit. We don’t acknowledge them for being light or love, energy or play.

The experience of acknowledging and/or being acknowledged fast tracks the access to your heart. I believe that we run around in our heads all day and quite often forget to bring our hearts into our actions. When we are head centered we are busy, doing, doing, doing and NOT PRESENT for ourselves or each other.

I started the group off acknowledging each other and of course we turned our attention to our member and showered her with acknowledgement. It was easy to see she was moved as was the rest of the group. Her expression shifted as I’m sure the rest of her day did.

So add number 4 to your own list – practice Acknowledgement. When you are stressed and/or overwhelmed, get acknowledged! Teach your family, friends and co workers how to acknowledge you and each other and then commit to practicing it.

When you encounter a co worker stressed and/or overwhelmed, ask them, “may I acknowledge you?” ¬†Then take a minute to be with them, look them in the eye, allow yourself to see the human over there and then begin to speak. ¬† “I acknowledge you for your dedication, your courage, your amazing energy.” Speak until there is nothing left for you to say.

Try it and let me know how it goes and if anyone would like a little acknowledgement… please, I’d be honoured to accept the opportunity!