ZZ – Archive (Executive Coaching Packages)


We believe that ordinary executives have budgets for training; extraordinary executives have budgets for training AND Coaching. Because smart executives know that in order to get the most out of your Training Programs there needs to be follow up, follow through and most importantly… implementation. That is precisely where an Executive Coach comes in handy.

Collectively we have been in the business of Coaching Executives for over thirty years now. What we all align on is that we have found ourselves sitting in some training programs saying, “I do that.” “I would have said that.” “I knew that.”  We have varying stories with one common thread – we learned quite by accident that how we perceived ourselves and our leadership style was not at all how we were showing up as a leader. Aha moment.

Our client roster has included CEO’s, executives, managers and other professionals and the number one question we are asked?  “Is a Leader born or made?”  We usually have our clients answer the question for themselves but an article in Psychology Today suggests “Leaders Are Mostly Made”.   We often hear our clients exhale upon receiving that answer, this knowledge provides them with the space to grow into their leadership goals and objectives.

A comprehensive leadership plan takes into account the specific, individual needs of the client AND the goals and objectives of the organizational system that client is working within. The focus of the coaching is on developing the client’s leadership capabilities, encouraging new perception and ways of acting in addition to developing the skill and habit of self-reflection.


  • High Potential – Creating a strategy and/or developing those identified as high potential to the Org;
  • Onboarding – Supporting those in a new role integrate and establish priorities, responsibilities and deliverables;
  • Performance – Filling a gap or growing skills to enhance performance;
  • Assessment – Implementation of a plan of action based on an assessment of performance or skill;
  • Communication – Seeing yourself as others do, understanding how you communicate and the results it produces.

Typical Coaching engagements vary in duration due to the individual scope and nature of the desired outcomes. For more details please do not hesitate to contact us.