Since my early days of coaching I’ve had a coach to get me out of my own way, continuously train me, provide additional perspective and ways to approach a coaching situation. It only makes sense right? If I’m supporting you to leverage your strengths, why wouldn’t I have a coach to leverage mine? If I maintain that you have blind spots that may be impacting your results then it makes sense that I would experience that too. More importantly, it matters to me that I continuously improve and educate myself in order to provide the highest quality Coaching to my clients. And so, I created an informal requirement on my own part to always be under the guidance of a coach operating at a higher level than me.  In other words, Coaching Supervision.

Last night at Royal Roads we had the pleasure of hearing from Damian Goldvarg, MCC, International Coach Federation, Chair of the Global Board who shared the ICF’s position regarding Coaching Supervision.  Here is a quick summary of the ICF’s findings so far courtesy of the Vancouver Island Coaches Association :

“With the increase in Coaching Credentialing, it is becoming a recognized practice that coaches at every stage in their coaching journey continually seek development, both personally in terms of deepening their coaching presence and awareness, and professionally in terms of competencies, ethics and standards. One of the growing trends internationally for undertaking such development is engaging in the practice of ‘coaching supervision’ similar in concept to the supervision which supports many behavioral science professions.

Many parts of the world where coaching is well established already consider coaching supervision not only necessary for the coach and the client, but also necessary for maintaining the integrity of the profession. There are even countries where regular engagement in coaching supervision is part of the hiring criteria for an external coach being considered by organizations (e.g., Are you under supervision and may we check with your supervisor to verify that?).”

This is great news for consumers of coaching considering that there is still a lot of confusion in the marketplace regarding coaching credentialing.