I was recently asked to describe “Coaching Life”. In other words… what it is like to be a full time life coach. This isn’t a formula, it’s just what I’ve created.

I notice there’s a lot of hype and claims of earning six/seven figures and four hour work weeks. (Sorry Tim Ferriss, I really do love your book.)  I’m not saying it isn’t possible, just that it takes something to get there and the “you can too” part of it is where most people stop.

My day usually begins at around 6am or 6:30am. I read for an hour, sometimes two if I’m seeking answers, usually a book related to neuroscience, coaching psychology, leadership, business development, self development and/or spirituality. Of which I usually have at least three on the go at any one time.  I’m crazy about learning so I fill walks with the dog and long drives with audio books and podcasts.

I’m obsessed about my business and can easily work 16 hours when I’m inspired and feeling creative. This isn’t a “have to”, this is a passion and love.


I’m currently using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, my blog and Twitter. In addition, I’m hooked up to Calendly, Thinkific, LeadPages, Insightly, Freshbooks, Drip and a few more I can’t remember right now. All of these require my head. Whereas, my clients and my coaching require me to be very heart centered.


The difference in my coaching is palpable if I don’t ground and become heart centered. And besides… the feeling is euphoric. One can not exist without the other – head and heart and then throw the gut/intuition in there (thanks Dr. Marcia Reynolds) and you’re now experiencing a triple threat that’s palpable.  If you’re my client, your fears don’t stand a chance when I’ve created this state for myself.


In any one day I will coach between three to five clients for an hour each. Some days are divided between in person group workshops and a couple of individual clients depending on the scope of delivery of the in person.  In between calls and depending on what I encounter on those calls I manage my well being, ground, clear, meditate, talk to my own coach and partake in hot yoga, weight training or running depending on my specific needs for the day.


In between clients and well being breaks I stay in tune with my profession by serving on several boards that keep me in the know and up on coaching’s latest trends, there are conference calls, meetings, endless emails to respond to and peer relationships to create and nurture. Connection being as vital as food and water in what can be a strangely lonely endeavour if you work out of a home office.

There’s still a lot of consumer confusion around coaching and I’m committed to providing clarity where I can. I do that by attending the occasional networking event, demonstrating coaching and/or delivering lunch and learns to expose consumers to “true blue coaching”, International Coach Federation style.


In the space between all of the above I’m learning the apps (mentioned above) that serve my business, planning the next blog post (you can see how that’s gone by looking at my archives…) and deciding how much I like or don’t like tweeting.


In any given week I will write an article or piece of curriculum for one of my programs which requires research, editing and endless tweaking because it’s never quite good enough until I simply decide that it is. I often blog and write into the wee hours of the night depending on when my creativity is flowing and provided that I don’t have an early client.

SALES & MARKETING (inadequate words)

Then there is the ongoing sales and marketing (two words that don’t remotely do justice to the process of discovering your next client) these sessions are at least 60 minutes or more and sometimes occur over several days if not weeks and in some cases, months.  In order to get to this step, you’ve got to know how to cultivate potential clients and that’s a whole other conversation worthy of a book.  In my spare time, (cue the smirky wink) I bid on contracts that sometimes take at least sixteen hours to prepare and result in no business.

ACCOUNTING (Yes, math comes back to haunt you)

I have an accountant but am still responsible for the integrity of the data they are provided so there is the daily monitoring of facts and figures, projections, estimates and accepted proposals. There is targeting and letting go, allowing spirit to guide while keeping my eye on my goals and dreams.


12 – 16 hour work days pass like four. This isn’t work, it’s passion that just happens to create a lot of work in it’s wake. Every day I’m grateful to have a truly remarkable career where I get to support people to reach their full potential, bust through limiting beliefs and live extraordinary lives.