• 25 Lessons

    Leader As Coach Online

    In this course, learn the essential skills to incorporate coaching into your leadership toolkit. Coaching is a powerful and unique dialogue between two people that stands out from other leadership approaches like managing, leading, training, teaching, mentoring or directing. Equip yourself with the right tools to achieve successful outcomes and make a lasting impact on those you lead.
  • 26 Lessons

    The Bomb Proof Executive Online

    This course will give you the tools to succeed in a world of constant change. Develop agility and resilience, boost your self-awareness, deepen your listening skills, skillfully navigate conflict, convey trust and build rapport with others. Gain insight into triggers and emotions and develop an authentic style of leadership.
  • 7 Lessons

    Values Exercise

    Values form the foundation of your life and subconsciously guide your choices. As you participate in the Values Exercise some of your life choices may suddenly bring you an aha moment, you'll begin to see a pattern in the choices you've made both personally and professionally.