I was told by my surgeon that I had a “very aggressive” tumour and because of that he suspected my prognosis would not be good.  All I heard next was blah, blah, blah “lymph nodes” blah, blah, blah. I reacted from there. I made a silent agreement with myself that I wouldn’t waste another second on a useless life. I made changes that I can now see were motivated by fear. Those changes were also created because I experienced a massive, raw awakening that my days were numbered. When I was finally pronounced “cancer free” I reacted again.  I describe the experience as, “taking a nuclear bomb to my life”. I left my marriage, married another man, ran away to San Diego, and released all kinds of anger towards friends and family. I created a lot of suffering, all generated from fear, no… pure terror.

I’m absolutely clear, my partner and I were ill equipped to deal with it all and with a little support I could have created the life I wanted without all the carnage.  As they say, “hind sight is 20/20”.  I am now a stand for people getting supported to create rich lives after illness. Truly creating a life of their dreams. They get it, life is way too short. It is my way of contributing and giving back.