Meet Tracey Burns

A Bold, Intuitive, Transformational Coach

Creator of The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Intensive

Dynamic, Entertaining Speaker & Story Teller

Professional Certified Coach, (ICF Credential)

Ontological Certification & Training

Diploma in Coach Supervision (Pending)

My fascination with coaching began in our family-owned legal research company. Grappling with the personal dynamics that often plague families in business, I began researching the skills I needed to cultivate a healthy company culture and discovered the power of coaching.

I completed my professional training in 2007 in Accomplishment Coaching’s rigorous Accredited Coach Training Program, hold a Professional Certified Coach credential and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision. Today I remain on the Accomplishment Coaching  leadership team here in Victoria, B.C. and in past years have led, coached and trained coaches in Seattle, San Diego and Kuala Lumpur.

There are many myths and misconceptions about coaching. Coaches are not experts ready to give you advice and we don’t replace our important allies – therapists. I am certainly no expert in life! If I were to call myself anything it would be resilient, having journeyed through crippling back injuries, cancer and personal trauma. I share those stories to remind clients that to falter is to be human. I’ve been described as raw, real and relatable and that’s more than okay by me.

Life occurs in relationship and our ability to communicate and deeply understand each other is critical to our continued existence. Our true intentions are often skewed by interpretation and story. The delightfully messy space created between speaking and listening has been an area of constant research and fascination for me that eventually birthed my coaching niche in communication and relationship.

The partnership I create with my clients is sacred, spiritual and at times inexplicably magic. My coaching method is ontologically based, a cutting-edge approach that encompasses an understanding of how our thoughts, physiology and use of language impacts our results. This future-facing process is truly fascinating. Together we clarify long and short-term goals, identify barriers to success and co-create structure and accountability.

“I’ve been leading this amazing transformative work for 14+ years impacting the lives of hundreds of people in over 25 countries. I wake up every day grateful that I get to use my gifts and make a lasting difference in people’s lives with my time on this planet. To me that’s a life worth living.”

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