I was contemplating my 2013 marathon training and remembering the turning point in that training where I began to hit my stride and my runs seemed to flow. What had seemed so difficult became second nature and I began to get creative with the routes I took and distances I ran.

I find myself and the business owners I’ve been working with lately getting creative, resourcing, innovating and also hitting their stride. For some, birthing ideas out of crisis and conflict that in ordinary times would have occurred as preposterous. Shifting from we can’t to we will, determined to defy the odds and in the process reinventing themselves and their leadership.

Triumph and Tears

I’ve been hearing tales of teams pulling together, differences set aside, difficult conversations being had and the sharing of triumph and tears. Boardrooms have gotten noisy with the voices of creative people who ordinarily might have remained silent. Leaders are mostly listening, insecurity now a luxurious time-waster and the difference between boom or bust. Tapped out of ideas as leaders are now, there’s a demand for the voices and perspective of their people. Collaboration is the new old buzz word. Read more about Canadian Collaborators here.

Causing Creation

The thing is… the opportunity to reinvent and redesign is always available; you just need to cause it. Perhaps it’s a human state to think we can’t before we are thrust into situations where we have to and find ourselves doing the impossible, the adrenaline high coursing through our bodies. With evidence all around us, there’s no disputing now that crisis and conflict causes transformation and creativity. I’ve been studying the subject of Creative Conflict for some time now, capitalizing on it in my coaching. I think this article Creative Conflict:  Generating Innovative Ideas captures the experience best.

What would be possible for your company if you knew how to harness the energy in conflict to stimulate innovation?