You know… one of those that gave up a promising career to do something heart felt.  I'm one of those that you read about that tossed aside security and the guarantee of a pay cheque every month to pursue something that completely fulfilled me.  I had arrived at that point in my work life that what I was doing was so out of alignment with who I was that it made me sick to my stomach to go to work every day. It was not the people I worked for, I loved each and every one of them. It was not a lack of results either, I was great at my job. It was just that I longed to make a difference and I realized that somewhere in my thoughts I had said, "now is the time", my body was just slow to respond and kept driving me to my job every day.

The journey through self employment has been challenging in ways I never dreamed of. I'm at a funny age, my friends are starting to talk about their pensions and possible early retirement, their real estate and all of the things they have accumulated thus far and where they are going next in the world.  I'm proud of them, they've accomplished much and they are wonderful people.  In self reflection I realize that I've shifted my priorities, guaranteed yearly vacations, the purchase of real estate, pensions and the possibility of early retirement are plans temporarily on hold in order to feel fulfilled.   On days when I'm feeling just a little vulnerable, questioning my choices, doubting the courage I had in taking this huge leap of faith, a little scared by the "what if" thoughts rolling around my head, those conversations even cause me a little panic. 

Then as if by magic, I receive an email from a client, "Tracey has helped me to create new professional situations that have resulted in a more fulfilling job for me, guided me through the quagmires of new relationships after divorce"… "This woman has had a profound impact on my life and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me." Or former clients call me to say that things are really working out, "our business increased 50% over the last month".  When I hear the excitement in their voices, feel the gratitude in their communication I am then reintroduced to the truth beyond my fear and my belief is restored. I can make a difference for others, I am on the right path, the right journey at the right time, now.