No matter where I go, I see the potential in people and their projects. It doesn't matter the venue, I just need to be in conversation for a couple of minutes and I see it. Call it my crazy intuition. Most days it is a gift and other days I feel like a crazy woman. I can't get that person's business challenge and/or relationship challenge out of my head.  Usually I've got something for them that I just know will make the difference in their results. I'm not talking about giving advice, I'm talking about reflection. The thing is… you ARE brilliant you just don't listen to yourself or… somewhere along the way you lost trust in you.  In today's world we can obtain advice and education at the touch of a button, some people spend countless hours scoping for instruction, advice, opinion waiting to launch that great idea or take action in a cool project. But how much time do you spend with you, really listening? Would you even listen or take yourself seriously? Well knock it off!  You can't fool me with that self doubt piled high as a down quilt!!!  Your success is written all over you and I see you under there.