Ahhhh… the beginning of a new year! It reminds me of Back To School… I LOVED my new pens and fresh notebooks. I would make promises to myself that this year would be different, I would study well in advance of exams and not wait to the last minute to write term papers. Ummm… that lasted until the first week of November. It wasn’t that I lacked intention, I just didn’t have the right structures in place to implement the changes I wished to make because my habits were deep rooted. More importantly, I didn’t take time to identify what those structures might be and how they might support me in achieving my academic goals. But that was then, and this is now!

Like you, I have set intentions for this new year but I’ve also had a close look at the structures I need to implement in order to ensure I reach my goals and/or objectives. My “intention” is that I reach every one of them. A powerful structure for me is telling people in my life what I’m up to and clearly identifying exactly what I will need from them when the time comes. And then I do something kind of foreign to most folks… I tattle on myself. In other words, I outline exactly the behaviours I will exhibit when I’m about to sabotage a goal or objective and then I out myself even further and give them clear direction on exactly what I need in order to get back on track. I have high expectations of self and I’ve been known to wield a big stick (just ask my coach) in those dark moments I lack compassion for myself, it is just what’s so with me. So what supports me is to ensure that I source people that are compassionate AND compelling.

So my invitation to you is to take stock of your own declared intentions, goals and objectives and to go that one step further and see if you are properly set up to powerfully implement your plan. Having trouble identifying how you might get in your own way? Indulge me! I LOVE this part of my work, give me a call and let’s review your intentions together, it wont cost you a dime. In the meantime, “create a powerful New Year!”