Wait a minute! If I’m going to be true to my post then that subject isn’t completely accurate, it is an exaggeration but it sure sounds catchy anyways. One of my jobs as an ontological coach is to listen to how my clients use language to support the way that they are. Sayings such as, “it’s tough out there” and “I just can’t catch a break” are common in some people’s daily conversations. Sometimes these sayings become so ingrained in our language we don’t realize that we say them AND most often we don’t realize that we actually believe them and/or live our lives in adherence to them. We also convince others and invite them to join us in this limiting language. Yikes! There is no room for shift if you believe “it’s tough out there!” And where’s there anyways???? And who is “it”? Another favourite of mine is, “I can’t”, to which I respond, “you mean, you wont?” what follows next is usually a myriad of excuses, reasons why they can’t follow through on their action plans, reasons why their schedules are so crowded, reasons why they feel defeated. When they rephrase their “I can’t” to, “I wont”, they get to take ownership for their language and supporting behaviour. At this point I give them a chance to reflect on that… I usually get a smile, or a giggle when they realize how the phrase changes when they actually own that they are CHOOSING their language to keep themselves locked in place. The name of the game isn’t about being perfect it is about being willing to look to yourself as the source of your power AND your power leaks, not the world out there!!!!