life is urgent quoteLife is most certainly urgent and precious, we get that fundamentally. It sounds good to say it and to believe that we are living life as though it is precious and urgent on a daily basis. Bullshit… you’re not. Neither am I. It just sounds good. In 1999 I lived that phrase and for a few years intermittently.  Having had a cancer scare, several operations, radiation yada, yada I was motivated to live each day to the fullest.  I remember being in isolation (radiation treatment had me registering too high on the Geiger Counter for human contact) in the old Cancer Ward at the Jubilee, I would stare out the window at the people walking by and swear that when I got out of there I would

. And… upon receiving the all clear, that is precisely what I did.  I became decisive, took action, was bold, fearless and engaged with life.  And then as abruptly as it came, it went. My gusto faded. I became comfortable, complacent and content. Right back to normal life.  Sure, I’ve said yes to more things and seen more places than most people but I certainly haven’t rocked the planet. Whatever that means…


  1. I stopped listening to me and started listening to them… all the naysayers, “you can’t”, “that’s never been done”, “are you crazy?” – if you listen long enough you’ll believe them.
  2. Comfort was more enticing than Daring.
  3. I didn’t clearly define what it meant to me to, “rock the planet”. The statement was unclear, undefined, undistinguished and therefore remained… uncharted territory.
  4. With no clear definition of what it meant to “rock the planet”, there was no motivation and no structure to hold me accountable.


Start listening to you, stop listening to them. Hang out with people that say “yes we can” more often than, “nah, too much work”. Grab a bite of “bold” for breakfast, dare to dream, push the envelope, grab life, be decisive, be your word, make bold declarations. Take action no matter how loud the noise in your head gets because indeed life is urgent and precious.

Post motivated by another high five from my specialist and a clean bill of health – Another year cancer free!