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In November 2020 I’ll be running the Golden Gate Half Marathon in San Francisco representing Team4Hope again in San Francisco. Team4Hope are a special group dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancer especially Neuroblastoma.  Having beaten cancer myself, I had an unfulfilled desire to pay forward all the love and support I’d been shown during that time. I also run because I’ve never stopped being grateful for my continued health. When Lisa Hopkins first approached me with her idea for a team, it was an automatic yes. Lisa leads with heart and passion and so it is no surprise the amazing results we’ve been able to accomplish as a team.

No words can describe what it is like to be a member of Team4Hope. My teammates are some of the most generous, creative and committed individuals I’ve ever known.

Working side by side with them whether it’s training or a fundraising event, they continuously demonstrate what it is to fulfill AND have fun. You can’t help but get swept up in the enthusiasm and next thing you know that fundraising number you thought might be lofty … well, you’ve not only hit it – you’ve exceeded it.


You’ve heard the expression, “wear your heart on your sleeve”, it has become our habit to race with the names of kids diagnosed with Neuroblastoma “sharpied” on our bodies. This is our way of carrying them through the finish line with us. Whenever we feel as though we can’t possibly endure one more kilometre, we just need to look at a name and think of the strength and spirit that carried that amazing little being through never ending blood transfusions, tests and chemo that brings them to the very edge of their ability to survive. The finish line doesn’t seem quite so far then and any thoughts of stopping quickly turns to gratitude for the health to run.

This year will mark 10 glorious years since we ran our first race in San Francisco (my one and only marathon) so we’re back at it again, training (laughing) and raising funds. Stay tuned for more details on how you can support and get involved.  We’ve created so many amazing memories, sharing tears and laughter along the way. We couldn’t have done it without the love and support of you and of our families and friends.

Thank you for carrying us through our finish line!

Stay Tuned For Ways To Contribute

In the coming months I’ll be adding fundraising events and ways for you to volunteer with me so please stay tuned for more details.

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