I read this while browsing the website for The American Society of Training and Development. Did you know that the probability of completing a goal if you:
  • hear an IDEA, is 10%
  • decide WHEN you will do it, is 40%
  • PLAN how you will do it, is 50%
  • COMMIT to someone else you will do it, is 65%
  • have a specific ACCOUNTABILITY appointment with the person you've committed to, is 95%

Right now I'm up to big stuff in my Coaching Practice, shaking things up a bit.  I'm definitely outside my comfort zone and well… that's uncomfortable. However, I'm commited to my results, commited to my clients and I'm commited to making a difference so I'm clear that my commitment (idea) is bigger than my fear. 

I was out running several months ago when my idea hit me like a bee on a helmet (that happened to me on a motorcycle once). I knew it was a good idea because I couldn't remember running the route I took to get me home. So I did what I know to do, I stood at the kitchen counter and wrote the bullet points of my idea down on paper. The plan included a What By When, a crystal clear declaration of the result I intended to produce and the date I would produce it by. My blood pressure was high when I wrote it… in the moment I had absolutely no idea on how to fulfill on it. And then… I began telling people, it wasn't for their benefit… it was for mine. I was strategic about it, there was no show, glitz, bragging or glamour. I just told the people I knew who would remember to ask me, "how's that idea going?"  And then… I told my Coach. If I tell my Coach anything I know that I will fulfill on it. I know how I work. At the same time I also said, " and here are the things I'm going to do to sabotage this idea". I've done years of transformational work that have led me to this place of deeply knowning myself, my ways of self sabotage, the sneaky ways of my Survival Mechanism/Gremlin, whatever you want to call the voices of fear. And… I've learned to apply the simple steps to overcome them.

1.  Plan – Create a "What" and a "by When";

2.  Commit – With 100% of your being;

3.  Fulfill – Line up Accountability & create Structures of support.

Oh and one last thing… keep things light, a sense of humour helps. If you're not having fun – you're not living!