What do you think of when you read the word “responsibility”? Do you wince, groan, moan and complain? Do you squirm in your chair? Do you associate it with added burden to your already burdened schedule? Well RELAX would ya! I’d like to shift your relationship to that word. As many of my clients will attest, I associate that word with access to POWER. Oh yeah baby… you heard me right and let me explain…

“People who operate in the context of responsibility declare that they are accountable for their interpretations and behaviour. Caring mainly about the ultimate SUCCESS of their projects and relationships, they are oriented to ACTION and correction rather than explanation and self-protection.”

Wait, there’s more!

“Real responsibility is not to be confused with blame, credit, obligation or duty. Acting from a context of responsibility, one is concerned with the facts only as they bear on the next appropriate action. There is no concern about whether the facts seem to give credit or blame. When one operates out of a stand of responsibility, one is EMPOWERED by being the source of one’s own results not intimidated or weighed down by that.”

Excerpts taken from “Responsibility – At Cause”, Accomplishment Coaching

If you were holding your breath while reading this post please exhale now, you’re old habits are safe for now. I’m just simply raising your awareness of potential power leaks in your way of being. So now I’ve provided you with a new twist on an old word and an opportunity to shift your context. For the next couple of days notice when you are acting from a stand of responsibility and when you are not. When you notice that you are making excuses, blaming and going for “looking good”, knock it off and focus on action and correction. Feel the power surge? Shhhh… don’t tell BC Hydro!