I found the Times Colonist article – “Workplace Stress Climbing” by Derek Sankey interesting this morning. In my self employed, out-of-my-home-office world my notion of workplace stress is the cat tripping me as I walk down the hall to fill up my coffee cup.  What can I say??? I’m blessed.  That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t experienced the type of stress the article is relating to. I’ve held corporate jobs and been in the situation where the prevalent, silent understanding was that taking vacation time was frowned upon.  Listen up business owners, push your people out the door!  A healthy, happy employee equals a healthy, happy work environment which…. wait for it – equals A HEALTHY, HAPPY BOTTOM LINE.

We often relate to corporate perks in organizations as financial &/or the amount of vacation time available. However, there is a tremendous amount of value in approaching corporate perks using a more global approach. More and more organizations are seeing the benefit of creating work environments that encourage balance and investment in all aspects of well being including Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, and Financial. Yahoo!

Setting up a “Well Being Perk System” might incorporate flexible time, tele commuting, day care, space to meditate and/or an on site place to take a nap. Come on…. you know what I’m talking about all you 3PM dozers.  And what about laughter? I worked in an office where we spent a ton of time laughing AND working hard. The files we were involved in were emotionally taxing, the laughter enjoyed in the environment made it one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.  Another thing to consider is office participation in a combined activity. I heard of an office in California that encourages surfing.  When the  “surf’s up” they are out! What an awesome concept and what I love about this example is that it busts the myth that work has to look a certain way.

I can hear you now arguing that customers/clients would never go for that, business would suffer. Really? What if you taking your own well being seriously inspired them to take care of their own well being? We all want happy clients/customers right?

If you are interested in further discussion about how your organization can set up its own “Well Being Perk System” you know where to find me… tripping over the cat.