Interesting notion this one… so this post came about because I caught myself jumping up and down from my desk, checking Facebook, email, my phone messages and even dusting instead of… writing the proposal I had sitting before me. The promise I had made earlier to myself was to have the proposal written by 5:00 pm today and I actually had 2 hours within which to complete the task. “IF” I had stayed on task… Now my procrastination, if it persists could lead to a bigger problem and could actually produce other smaller problems.  This is only one of a myriad of ways in which I self sabotage… I developed a list (I know, I have a morbid fascination with this stuff) and what I discovered is that I actually have more than 10 ways in which I self sabotage such as… drinking too much coffee, staying up late, getting up late, not eating enough of the right things during the day, not stretching before and after a work out.  Now that I have identified the self sabotaging behaviour I can address the symptom that causes the behaviour to begin with. For me it has always been a fear of success so when I’m playing a big game I can be sure that I will begin my self sabotaging behaviour. However, here I leave myself at choice, I can choose the self sabotaging behaviour or recognize the behaviour and choose a behaviour that is in line with my commitment to succeed. That will require putting structure in place so that I keep my commitment until I’ve trained myself to act differently.  So now I’m curious… what are ways that you self sabotage? What do you see is at the root of your behaviour? What are you most afraid of? Failure or success?