I’ve been learning a lot about Social Media lately. The way I learn is to participate, you know… read, respond, research, click “like”, and add things to my social media toolkit. In reading about an interesting Twitter Tornado that transpired over privacy issues and DM’s (direct messages)and prompted a debate regarding privacy issues it reminded me of a draft blog post on some issues I’d been pondering and sitting on. My post doesn’t immediately answer questions raised regarding Privacy Issues, I think of Privacy Issues as merely the symptom of deeper rooted issues. I may not be an expert on Social Media but I do feel comfortable commenting from my experience (46 Years) as a human being and (8 Years) studying human behaviour as a Coach. So here goes and please feel free to comment back.

First of all, let me set the context for what is to follow. Here is how I define two words relevant to this post – Authenticity: The quality of being genuine (free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy; sincere. Transparency – Easily seen through, recognized or detected.

I post based on who I am, not what I’m supposed to be for marketing purposes. I’ve often been told I’m an open book. Awesome! I take that as a compliment. I’ve also been hired because I write exactly as I speak and be in the world. Sometimes I post funny things that I’ve done like answer my calculator as though it were my Blackberry. Come on, who hasn’t done something like that on a busy day?? I am completely comfortable in my own skin and enjoy the hilarity of what it is to be human, especially this human and I don’t mind sharing. Frankly I’m tired of pretense. Get ready for my rant… have your Social Media reflect the real you so that when I meet you, I don’t fall out of my chair when I realize the disconnect! If you swear a lot and that’s the “real you”, then you might look at that behaviour or deal with the consequences (good and bad) of the market that you will capture and lose with those kinds of posts. And then own it! If you get photographed doing things you wouldn’t want us to know then once again apply the same as mentioned above. Then own it! If you say things to others about others that you wouldn’t say to them directly, you’ll want to do the same as above and then read the next paragraph.

As for you, the general public, “post” readers, do I need to remind you that judging and stereotyping and/or engaging in gossip is an expression of your own insecurities and is totally fear based? That trend in business went out with disco!

Social Media is cutting edge in that it provides multiple platforms of relationship building opportunities that allow us to “meet” our potential business associates in ways we never imagined possible before. The use of Social Media is the ultimate test in authenticity; an amazing opportunity for our world to cut through damaging interpretation and fear mongering to get to the facts for ourselves. Real people in real time.