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Some say coaching is becoming an elitist perk. I say, “make it accessible for all” so I created a harmonious network that is affordable, accessible, potent and full of perks. Check it out!

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 For years I held a vision of like minded people coming together in one safe, inclusive, love and being based space. I dreamed about an online platform that combined the engagement and connection of Instagram and Facebook AND packed the power of an online learning platform so that I could share my courses and add even more value to what I already offered.

The Cairn Network is all of that and a whole lot more, it’s a feast for the senses and jam packed with resources, stories, guest interviews and learning events. It’s a gathering place for likeminded professionals to share ideas, collaborate, learn, grown and flourish, people who are a unique mix of science and spirituality and are also committed to healthy, love and being based businesses and organizations.

Together let’s create A World At Peace.


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Free and discounted access to courses

Home of the legendary, Bomb Proof Leader Online and jam packed with many other self paced courses.

Live Business Q&A's

Tools, Tips, Tricks, Downloads, Templates and Self Help all delivered with a coach approach on a variety of topics.

Group Coaching Events

Led by professional coaches, a cost effective and proven way to accelerate what you’re up to.

Coaching Cairn Events

Harness the power of collective creativity and innovation, bring your business challenge to these one of a kind events.

A Safe, Inclusive Network of Professionals

Connect, resource, grow, contribute and receive. Be part of something guaranteed to get you where you want to go in life.

Personal Growth & Development

Learn and grown in community with extraordinary folks up to cool things in life.

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Membership in The Cairn Network includes a

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Bomb Proof Executive Online Program 

For organizations and businesses to succeed in a world of constant change, they need leaders who are resilient during times of high stress and capable of leading others through transition to create an environment where employees are cultivated and encouraged to thrive.

Develop agility and resilience

Understand emotions and triggers

Boost your self awareness

Deepen your listening skills

Deliver impactful feedback

Understand the subtleties of group dynamics

Explore the impact of your way of being

Learn to lead, coach and inspire

You Belong Here

“For soooo long my purpose, “world at peace” (2003 to be exact) unconsciously drove my social behaviour. I had no idea that my habit of rescuing every stray animal, bringing home every injured creature, including the excluded and automatically scanning to “feel” for peace and safety in groups was not typical behaviour.  Surrounded by people, I often felt alone and sometimes even hated.

If you crave belonging, feel like you don’t fit in, you don’t at all think like the majority and frequently find yourself “on the outside looking in”, separate, alone, wildly creative and “different”, I see you. We are kindred spirits. Your uniqueness is your gift and you were born for something extraordinary.   We need you exactly as you are and now more than ever, our planet needs you.

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