Coaches who are beginning to build their coaching practice

Coaches who are feeling a little stuck and/or have plateaued in building their business

Coaches with a desire to learn business development and entrepreneurship as it relates to coaching

Coaches who have never had any previous sales and marketing training (relationship building, don’t let the big words scare you)

Coaches who have had a degree of success but get stumped by the predictable client hiring objections, time, money, competing priorities


Ten 90 Minute Group Sessions held via ZOOM plus

Two 90 minute one on one coaching sessions with Tracey plus

Tips and Tools used by many top producing sales and marketing associates plus

Resources necessary for every coach in today’s competitive marketplace plus

Private Facebook Page plus



September 19th, 2017


6:00 – 7:30 Pm

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I officially began coaching in 2003 and took my time embracing coaching as a full time endeavor. In hind sight all that really stood in my way was my belief that I could actually have that which I wanted oh so badly… a full time coaching practice.  I felt so out of my league, coaching was way outside my comfort zone.

You've Got ThisOn the way to establishing a consistent, reliable coaching practice (2012 was my turning point after fully launching in full time practice in Canada in 2007) I navigated many “launches” including one very scary leap of faith going from absolutely no savings, no job, single and raising two teenagers with no financial support. Yep, just like in the self help books you read. (Insert cheeky smirk here.) I’ve also transitioned from part time coach straddling a full time job while growing my practice. I’ve been there and this program is my contribution to your journey.

I’ve jam packed this program with everything I’ve learned along the way. Including what I’ve learned about my relationship to money and self and how that relates to creating a thriving practice.  If I can create a thriving practice then so can you!


This exclusive program is for Coaches who are truly ready to THRIVE© in their coaching practices.

Find your coaching edge, unleash your intuition, be bold and daring in service of your clients’ results.

Bust through limiting beliefs, create the practice you’ve always dreamed of.

Create powerful shifts in consciousness, eliminate fear and dispel myths about what it takes to create clients.

Transform client objections into powerful coaching conversations.

We’re going to cover it all AND get you thriving in your practice!