Today it seems everyone is a Coach of sorts; “Coach” has become the buzz word of 2012. There are Health Coaches, Personal Coaches, Executive Coaches, Well Being Coaches, Food Coaches and a new one I heard just the other day… a Funeral Preparation Coach.  It must be confusing for people attempting to hire a qualified Professional Coach.  I came across this great article (albeit a year old) that busts the Top 5 Personal Coaching Myths.  Top 5 personal coaching myths –

The article sheds some light on commonly asked questions, “What will be my return on investment?” This is a great question and one that should be considered.  A qualified Coach can support you to develop metrics that are relevant to you as it relates to the goal you intend to take on in Coaching.  Metrics vary greatly and although there have been some excellent studies and articles written including the following published by The International Coach Federation,  The Measurable Impact:  Coaching in the World of Corporate Sales  we still have a long way to go in measuring the return on soft skill development as it relates to the bottom line of a business.

In summary, I LOVE that managers, business owners, employees and people in general are shifting their communication styles to adopt a “Coaching” style however this is vastly different from actually being a Professional Coach. I do not believe it is possible to have too many Coaches in our world.  I do strongly suggest that if you plan on hanging a shingle and calling yourself a Coach that you get the professional training that will support you to bring the very best of you to the table.  If you’re simply in the market to hire a Coach, I hope my post has shed some light on common misconceptions.